Live Green Cincinnati - It Can Happen Here

start living green

Being environmentally responsible and making a difference is easier than you think. Any small adjustment to your routine is a huge step in the right direction. Live Green Cincinnati challenges you to start now by choosing an item or 2 off this list of simple suggestions. Add a new item from the list to your style every few months and before you know it, you'll have the green fever too!

Try these quick and easy changes:

  1. Recycle! Rumpke offers valuable local recycling opportunities.
  2. Save gas and enjoy the view; try walking, bicycling, or taking the bus for your next errand.
  3. Use the library. Save the energy and resources needed to produce things by borrowing from the endless supply of free books, music, and movies available and efficiently managed for the entire city to share.
  4. Cut your home energy usage. Turn off the lights when you leave the room and when your current bulbs burn out, replace them with super efficient CFLs.
  5. Reuse things whenever possible. Carry a canvas bag and switch to cloth napkins that can be washed and reused.
  6. Buy efficient. When you're looking to buy new electronics and appliances, search for Energy Star equipment.
  7. Buy used. You can get a great deal on reclaimed building products at Building Value or check Craig's List for lots of other usable items.
  8. Reduce, reuse, re-gift! Donate usable items to a charity or organization such as Crayons to Computers who can help match them with the right people.
  9. Buy local. Food grown and sold locally saves the resources needed to ship and preserve fresh food and also helps support local jobs and businesses.
  10. Conserve water. Upgrade to low-flow toilets and shower heads.
  11. Keep going and going. Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones.
  12. Be outside. Use, love, and support the city's parks and green spaces.
  13. Stay informed in local environmental news and events. Let Live Green Cincinnati connect you.